My name is Danielle, in my twenties. I'm from Winterpeg, Canada. I LOVE Disney, especially Cinderella. Love the outdoors, travelling and being adventurous. The country is my favourite place, I love nature and the mountains, especially in Alberta.
If theres anything else you'd like to know about me feel free to ask!
Peace, Love, Laughter & Dance <3

feel free to ask me anything!!!


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you dont have to agree with his policies but you have to admit hes the coolest president weve had ever

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(by Molly Wassenaar)


(by Molly Wassenaar)

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Monarch Metamorphosis

Around a month ago, I discovered a monarch butterfly egg on a milkweed plant. I decided to take it home and raise it, documenting its growth and change through a series of photographs as it metamorphosed from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

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